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The 50% figure for the current divorce rate is probably wrong.The math that figure is based on is too simple to take multiple variables in to account.Current divorce church statistics indicate that Christians of almost all faiths are on par with non-Christians for the rate of divorce. indicate that nearly one-third of adults have been married at least once and nearly a fourth have undergone a breakup.In spite of a confession of faith in Jesus Christ and belief in the Bible as the unadulterated, infallible Word of God, Christian couples are divorcing in record numbers. Other statistics predict that means that nearly half of all new marriages will end before reaching the 10-year mark.

But others say it’s too early in the life of the Internet to make such bold predictions about the power of online dating.It is abundantly apparent that if the trend continues, believers who dare to say, "I don't" will outnumber those who say, "I do." The Barna Group, an organization headed by George Barna of Ventura, California, submits that within Christian denominations, evangelicals known for preaching the whole counsel or full gospel of Jesus Christ top the charts at 26 percent; but born-again believers of other denominations account for a third of marital dissolutions among believers.Research was conducted from nearly 3,800 adult respondents who have been married.Headmaster Divorce rates in the United States have been slowly increasing since 1970 and today some estimates claim the figure has reached nearly 50%, or half of all marriages.The numbers are debatable though, because different cultural, economic and social groups all have different divorce rates.

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