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This Microsoft Office Visual How To demonstrates how to construct and execute a batch of commands to update text and date fields for all items in a list.

This example uses a document library named attribute that defines what happens if an exception occurs while the commands are executed.

These let you update the device drivers of your PC easily.In this example, execution stops on the first exception.The full XML string that defines the batch of commands is executed using the The query used in this example is intended to update a relatively small number of list items.On a sunny day near the Via Campana, a road connecting Rome and Capua, a single witness, probably Hermas the brother of Pope Pius I, saw "a 'beast' like a piece of pottery (ceramos) about 100 feet in size, multicolored on top and shooting out fiery rays, landed in a dust cloud, accompanied by a "maiden" clad in white. According to a section from the Annales Laurissenses maiores, Saxons besieging the Sigiburg Castle, encountered a craft bearing "the likeness of two large flaming shields reddish in color" floating overhead, thus frightening off the invaders.The Carolingian archbishop, Agobard of Lyons, described in his De Grandine et Tonitruis ("On Hail and Thunder") of a "certain region called Magonia from whence come ships in the clouds", and how he prevented the stoning death of "three men and a woman who said they had fallen from these same ships."About the time of Michael the Brave's attack on Târgoviște which was occupied by the Ottoman Army there were reports of a bizarre "comet" that appeared in the city, staying pinned on the sky and shining over the Wallachian camp.

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